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The Old General Store

Farming History

Family-owned farms across America are quickly but quietly going by the wayside. Pushed by big-agri the small farmer is a dying breed. In 1900, 42 percent of the U.S. population lived on farms; by 1990 that number had dwindled to less than 2 percent. None of this is being helped by the U.S. Government's push of the death tax, which virtually assures that upon the death of the farmer his heirs have no choice but to sell the farm to pay the taxes. 

I try to photographically document the many remains of small family-owned farms and the antiquated equipment that they have left behind, before it disappears.



Beautiful Landscapes

Photographs of local vistas and waterways that are the best of Mother Nature showing off.

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Our Tiny Friends

"Beneath My Feet"
A Poem by Lee Hurley

Was a time I cared not where my feet had stepped

I never once thought of what beneath me slept


Traveling the highways of weeds and grass

Lives a whole tiny world as fragile as glass


Insects and flowers of all sorts do glimmer

Upon closer inspection, they really shimmer

With colors and shapes, they do adorn

Unimaginably beautiful from the day they are born

Yet with all this beauty, in some, they strike fear

Most won't even approach, they won't dare go near

These tiny beings run away in a flash

If given a moment they'll make a quick dash

Some can be harmful, but that's really rare

Most are just timid and easy to scare

Their time is spent mostly just looking for food

And hope that others do not intrude

Flowers give forth nectar they sweeten

They offer it forth so that it may be eaten

The insects pollinate the flowers and the trees

So next time you see one, say, thank you, please

When after that step that you just took

Would have been better if had you taken a look

Of all the creatures this world doth possess

Its the tiniest of them we seem to care less

A world without them would be a world in distress

And you and I likely would have to confess

That without the tiny creatures below where we pace

There would be no food for this great human race

God placed us here with a purpose I've found

So please take a moment before placing your foot on the ground.


 Lee Hurley

Mushrooms, Lichen, and
Slime Molds

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